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White paper: Six Vendor Risk Management (VRM) Time Killers

Why Read this VRM White paper:

Vendor risk management (VRM) programs have evolved over time. What began as a spreadsheet or two to track vendors can’t hold up to the ever-changing scope, scrutiny and shared risk. Putting more people on the problem quickly becomes a resource drain. What if you could eliminate time wasters associated with vendor risk management? Rsam has compiled a “Top Six” list of resource drains uncovered while helping companies implement a vendor risk management platform.

Some of our Vendor Risk Management white paper's list “Don’ts”:

• Treat All Vendors Equally
• Track Surveys Manually
• Update Vendor Contact Details Manually
• Not Prioritizing What You’re Asking from Your Vendor
• Use the Same Work Flow for All Vendor Risk Acceptance
• Force Vendors into One Method of Completing Their Assessment