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On Demand Webinar: Medical Device Cybersecurity Risk Within Healthcare


Presenter: Chris Sherman, Forrester Research

Date: On Demand
Duration: 45 Minutes 

Healthcare cybersecurity continues to be a growing concern. According to a 2018 Healthcare Data Breach Report, over the past year, there has been a month-over-month increase in healthcare data breaches, with medical devices being the latest target. The average hospital has nearly 8,000 medical devices, with 50% of them being connected to a network, increasing security vulnerabilities and risk exposure.

The risks that these breaches pose range from low impact technical to highly critical and personal, such as inability to provide adequate care, putting patients at serious harm or even death. With many hospitals lacking funding and resources to manually track the risk associated with medical devices, the attack surface will continue to grow. Join this webinar to learn about medical device risk categories, threat actor motivations, and how to reduce your medical device risk exposure.

Specific items attendees will learn include:

* Challenges healthcare risk security professionals face
* Medical device risk landscape
* Specific security attack scenarios
* Compliance challenges and recommendations for hospital providers and manufacturers