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Webinar: Advance Your Compliance Strategy with the Rsam/UCF Integration


UCF Founder, Dorian J. Cougias

Rsam Product Manager, Daniel de Juan

Date: Thursday Oct 19th 2:30PM ET/11:30AM PT

Duration: 30 Minutes

Why attend this webinar:

The regulatory landscape is constantly changing. As soon as one regulation is complied with, a few more pop up to take its place. It takes a huge effort just to keep up with hundreds of new or updated compliance regulations, standards, and guidelines with their hundreds of redundant, overlapping controls.

To help eliminate this struggle, Rsam and Unified Compliance partnered to integrate the UCF Common Controls Hub with the Rsam platform to make it significantly easier to manage the myriad of compliance standards and identify the commonalities.

This webinar covers:

• Bring UCF content into Rsam GRC with a few simple clicks
• Easily incorporate existing policies, processes, and tools to meet regulatory demands and dramatically cut the time, cost, and complexity of compliance efforts
• Adapt automation to your needs with drag-and-drop simplicity
• Discover how Controls are harmonized to all relevant areas in an “ask once, update many” fashion
• Learn how Rsam streamlines assessment reports, creating “findings” that isolate problem areas