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Inside the CISO Mind: Top Questions About 3rd Party Risk Management

Date: On Demand

Duration: 30 Minutes

Over a recent period of eight weeks, Chris Murphey, Director of Customer Success at Rsam, was on the road during a six-city tour, engaging in conversations with nearly 150 CISOs during events hosted by the CISO Executive Network. The tour gave Chris a unique opportunity to have a front seat with the executives to learn about what works for them, where their challenges lie, and how Rsam solutions help overcome some of the hurdles.

This webinar examines the most common challenges and questions CISOs have about 3rd Party Risk Management.

Specific items attendees will learn include:

* How the size of an organization affects 3rd Party Risk Management program

* If automation is the “end all be all” solution

* Prioritization of vendor assessments and how to get them to participate

* Board of directors’ role in 3rd Party Risk Management

* Typical owners of 3rd Party Risk Management

Featured Speaker Chris Murphey, Director of Customer Success

Chris Murphey, Director of Customer Success at Rsam, has international and multi-industry experience in Governance, Risk and Compliance, and specializing in Third Party Governance. Chris ensures customer success by delivering quick time-to-value for C-Level Executives looking to operationalize, mature, and automate their Governance, Risk, and Compliance practices.  Building on their past experiences, he and his team bring to the table a toolkit of complimentary services that include, but are not limited to, readiness assessments, strategic solution roadmaps and cross platform integration strategies.